The basics of being a Honda enthusiast is to turn their little grocery getter Eco Box Honda into a fast and mean racing machine. The street scene of Honda's mostly started with teens wanting a fast car, but not having enough money for cars like Mustangs and the average Sports cars. These teens would get their mom's civic or something of the like, because teens are stupid and want to go fast they started modding their 18 second civic so they could race other real sports car. That's what I think happened. The real tuning of Honda's came from F1 racing and the japanese. In the 90's in the U.S was a period now known as the "Rice" period, Rice stands for Race-Inspired-COsmetic-Enhancement. This means that people would put huge body kits and other cosmetic mods onto the car, but leave the powertrain stock, An example of what not to do now days.

With a car like that you'd be the laughing stock of the Honda Scnene Try for something simplier and less obnoxious like this

Now thats a nicely done civic, The simple front under spoiler aka Front lip, the simple suspension upgrade and simple wheels, but what makes this civic stand out is that it has a k20 swap from an Rsx, which would propell this little civic in the 1/4 mile from its slow 16 second stock time to 12.5-13 second time, and thats just simply swapping in the engine, if it was built, that car could be a 10 second car.

Now on to the Platforms!